To Market - To Market - Jiggety-Jig

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In our small Alabama town many people know my dad owns his own business and my mom sold her florist when my boys were born so she could spend more time with them.  If you have ever grown up in a florist it is very time consuming and you find yourself often in funeral homes (I know way more than I care too) and wholesale markets (that was one of the good things).  Yes, we screen print we do not do flowers but, we have found ourselves falling down the "wholesale" rabbit hole.  We have always sold to local boutiques across our county and even other parts of the state. We would design something to their liking or help your creations come to life.  It is my FAVORITE part of this process and I am super thankful Jeff can turn my artistry into "screenprintable" works of art.  

America these days has a slight economic downturn and I felt it was necessary that we branch out beyond our beautiful state.  Hence the above story about the perks of going to Market for the florist.  I always dreamed of creating something (never thought t-shirts..but that will work) for the Wholesale Markets.  I remember going and thinking in the temporaries - I could do that - I can! With a little encouraging from my family and local boutique friend I did it. I applied and my line of "Scientific Animal Saying shirts" was accepted and is up and running on the wholesale market world.  We have shipped to new boutiques in Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Wisconsin.  SPco is branching out and I can not be more excited! We still serve our local community - we are just chasing some dreams.  I did it! Market to Market it - Jiggety Jig (First Grade Teacher had to come out somewhere).

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