How it All Began...the Sweatshop

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Anyone who knows me well knows I am a school teacher , and my husband works for “The Phone Company.” We are not what you call average screen printers. We have jobs by day and both enjoy them.  Our screen printing business came upon us by accident, but I look back now and see it as our “blessing.” One would say I consider the blessing a financial one, but the blessing is that it gave us the opportunity to “marry” our talents into one business.

So, how did this business come to be in 2014.  First, I was asked to be cheer coach at my school. I knew nothing of cheerleading but, I knew a lot about trying to look good. I knew I wanted my squad to be the best looking at camp.  They wanted fabulous and unique t-shirts for camp.  I mentioned it to Jeff, he said he had a friend  in Pensacola who printed shirts.    A few conversations later and we had our business mentor.  Just wanted someone to print our shirts...little did I know that it would be us. That is how Southern Press was born.  

I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t go into this kicking and screaming.  We were busy, busy with our boys, jobs, and church. I still kick and scream most days, but it is definitely my creative outlet.  Jeff is my technical guy and over time we have learned to merge his technology with my creativity.  That’s the blessing because it is something we get to do together.  It is not glamorous by no means hence the term “sweatshop.” This small business has turned into so much more. We have since printed shirts for ball teams, school systems local and long distance, we print shirts for large businesses and small and even a few for ourselves. We have learned a lot over 5 years, thank you to those who have been with us as we have grown. 

Southern Press Shirt Co.

Kasey and Jeff Fleming 


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