Style or Superstition?

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Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m the mom of two boys.  If you talk to me long enough you will know they are 12 months and 28 days apart and play baseball and football. Yes, I’m that mom; I can’t help it. They are my greatest accomplishments.  I will purchase anything red, black or white, and you can often hear me say,  I can wear this to a ballgame. 

Talk to me long enough and you will know that they are both pitchers. My oldest is left handed and the youngest right. They both have had great careers thus far in baseball.  The above picture is when my youngest child (10th grader at the time) pitched the winning game to advance us to the 3rd round of play offs. The other picture is my oldest son who along with his younger brother pitched the winning game of the State Championship this past year.  What you might not have noticed is the grey t-shirt I am wearing in both pictures. I had planned on both occasions to wear something...fabulous. Superstition overcame style hence why I am wearing the same “old” t-shirt.

 Each year, I design 2 or 3 so we, baseball moms can have cute shirts to cheer on our favorite players. I hope one of the shirts in this years collection becomes your “lucky shirt.” 

Let’s Play Ball,


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